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Job offers:
2018-12-10Chief Engineer on PSVMembers only
2018-12-07Rotational Chief Engineer - 50m private M/YMembers only
2018-12-07Chief Engineer PSVMembers only
2018-12-07Chief Engineer AHTSMembers only
2018-12-07CE for AHTSMembers only
2018-12-06CE for AHTMembers only
2018-12-06Chief Engineer on AHTMembers only
2018-12-06CE for MulticatMembers only
2018-12-06Chief Engineer for SupramaxMembers only
2018-12-05Chief Engineer on small General Cargo vesselMembers only
2018-12-05Chief Engineer on Reefer/Container vessel. 8500 USDMembers only
2018-12-05CH ENG WITH ADMA EXPERIENCEMembers only
2018-12-05CH ENG WITH ADMA EXPERIENCEMembers only
2018-12-05C/E for AHTS DP2Members only
2018-12-05Chief EngineerMembers only
2018-12-05Chied Engineer for AHTS Non DPMembers only
2018-12-05Chied Engineer for Multicat tug DP-1Members only
2018-12-05Chief Engineer on Jack-Up Barge (ARAMCO/ADNOC) - 650 USD per dayMembers only
2018-12-05Chief Engineering with DP2 or DP3 semi-submersible experienceMembers only
2018-12-04Chief Engineer on Product tankerMembers only
2018-12-04Chief Engineer for Bulk CarrierMembers only
2018-12-04CE for LPGMembers only
2018-12-04Chief Engineer - Container - Panamax- 4250 TEUMembers only