Jobs by Category: - Master
Rank -> Master
Job offers:
2018-12-07Master for a Roro PassengerMembers only
2018-12-07MASTER ON CREW BOATMembers only
2018-12-07Masters are required for Crude Oil/ Product tankersMembers only
2018-12-06Master for AHTMembers only
2018-12-06Master for AHTMembers only
2018-12-06Master on AHTMembers only
2018-12-06Masters for Crew BoatsMembers only
2018-12-05Master on Jack-Up Barge (ARAMCO/ADNOC) - 900 USD per dayMembers only
2018-12-05Master for bulk carrierMembers only
2018-12-05Master for Suezmax and VLCCMembers only
2018-12-04Master on Bulk CarriersMembers only
2018-12-04Master – age limit 50 yearsMembers only
2018-12-04Master - Container - Panamax - 4250 TEUMembers only
2018-12-03Master for AHTS DP2Members only
2018-12-03MASTER - PSVMembers only
2018-12-03Master for Self Propelled Jack UpMembers only
2018-12-03Masters for CTVMembers only
2018-11-30MasterMembers only
2018-11-30Master with full DPMembers only
2018-11-30Master for AHT DP-2 vesselMembers only
2018-11-29Work Boat Master - AngolaMembers only
2018-11-29MASTER - CREW BOATMembers only