Jobs by Category: - Master
Rank -> Master
Job offers:
2018-08-16Master to join Ro-Ro Passenger VesselMembers only
2018-08-16Master on Cement CarrierMembers only
2018-08-15Master for ContainerMembers only
2018-08-15Master for Fast Crew BoatMembers only
2018-08-13MASTER for AHTSMembers only
2018-08-13Master/SDPO on AHTS/MPSV DP2 (ARAMCO) - 500 USD per dayMembers only
2018-08-10Master DPO (Full DP) for DP-1 survey vesselMembers only
2018-08-10Master/SDPO on AHTS DP2 (ARAMCO) - 450 USD per dayMembers only
2018-08-10Master on AHTS non DP (ARAMCO) - 320 USD per dayMembers only
2018-08-10MASTER - DSV DP2 ROVMembers only
2018-08-09Master on Bulk CarriersMembers only
2018-08-09Master on Jack Up BargesMembers only
2018-08-09Barge MasterMembers only
2018-08-09AHT MasterMembers only
2018-08-09MASTER - JACK-UPMembers only
2018-08-08Master for LPGMembers only
2018-08-07MasterMembers only
2018-08-07Master on tug boatsMembers only
2018-08-07Master for Utility vessel non - DPMembers only
2018-08-07Master - with UK endorsement and previous CTV experience - ASAP embarkationMembers only
2018-08-07MasterMembers only
2018-08-06Master - CTVMembers only
2018-08-06MasterMembers only