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Job offers:
2017-06-23Chief HousekeeperMembers only
2017-06-23StewardMembers only
2017-06-23Restaurant ManagerMembers only
2017-06-23Waiter / Bar WaiterMembers only
2017-06-23Bar ManagerMembers only
2017-06-23Mess StewardMembers only
2017-06-23Utility RestaurantMembers only
2017-06-23Snack StewardMembers only
2017-06-23Asst. Waiter/essMembers only
2017-06-23Jr. Waiter/essMembers only
2017-06-23Waiter/essMembers only
2017-06-22Asst. Chef de PartieMembers only
2017-06-22Chef de PartieMembers only
2017-06-22Jr. Cabin Steward/essMembers only
2017-06-22Asst. Cabin Steward/essMembers only
2017-06-22Cabin Steward/essMembers only
2017-06-22Utility, HotelMembers only
2017-06-20Cashiers – Ferry boatMembers only
2017-06-20Sous Chef TournantMembers only
2017-06-20Crew PurserMembers only
2017-06-20Ass. HousekeeperMembers only
2017-06-20HousekeeperMembers only
2017-06-20Shop (Boutique) ManagerMembers only