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Job offers:
2019-01-18PlumberMembers only
2019-01-17SommelierMembers only
2019-01-17Bar and Wine StewardessMembers only
2019-01-17Sous ChefMembers only
2019-01-17PurserMembers only
2019-01-17Crew PurserMembers only
2019-01-17Cabin StewardMembers only
2019-01-15TurnerMembers only
2019-01-15Aupair/Babysitting/Caregiver for PassengerMembers only
2019-01-15Physican for PassengerMembers only
2019-01-15Musicians for PassengerMembers only
2019-01-14Bartender for PassengerMembers only
2019-01-11Dishwasher - Kitchen HelperMembers only
2019-01-09Chef de Partie or a great 4* European River Cruise LineMembers only
2019-01-09Sous Chef TournantMembers only
2019-01-09Ass. Shore Excursion ManagerMembers only
2019-01-09Exec. HousekeeperMembers only
2018-12-27Asst. Shop ManagerMembers only
2018-12-27Shop ManagerMembers only
2018-12-27UtilityMembers only
2018-12-27Chef de PartieMembers only
2018-12-27CABIN STEWARDESSMembers only
2018-11-27Sous Chef TournantMembers only