Crewing agencies
We offer an address database (emails, phone numbers, web pages) to owners and crewing agencies as well as agencies dealing with employment of seafarers.

Our database consist of thousands Web addresses, e-mails and phone numbers and it is continuously extended. A very large part of these are contact details to people directly responsible for employing crews.

To purchase the database (prepared as Excel spreadsheet) you have to pay a fee:
500 addresses 49 PLN (ok. 11 euro) by clicking HERE
(only emails)
1200 addresses 69 PLN (ok. 16 euro) by clicking HERE
(only emails)
3200 addresses 99 PLN (ok. 23 euro) by clicking HERE
(including free emails, addresses, phones, websites)

To check payment status click HERE

*we try to control the address data on a regular basis but due to the nature of the market and a considerable amount of address data, we can not guarantee that all the addresses will be up-to-date at time of purchase or will not be repeated

Non of the addresses are private and there are not pesonal's data. All addresses are open for public ,you can find there in internet and not GDPR protected. Addresses are not job offer but only information that helps in contacts and analyzes of the maritime industries