Job offers:
2021-12-092O for Survey VesselMembers only
2021-12-092nd Engineer with Chief Engineer CoC for jack-upMembers only
2021-12-09Chief Officer with Master CoC for mid-size jack upsMembers only
2021-12-09Wiper for Multipurpose VesselMembers only
2021-12-09Ordinary Seaman for Multi-Purpose VesselMembers only
2021-12-09Motorman for MultipurposeMembers only
2021-12-09AB for Multi-Purpose VesselMembers only
2021-12-09FloorhandsMembers only
2021-12-09RoustaboutsMembers only
2021-12-09CRANE OPERATOR ON PSV DP2Members only
2021-12-094 DrillersMembers only
2021-12-092nd Engineer on Bulk carrierMembers only
2021-12-093rd Engineer on Bulk carrierMembers only
2021-12-09Master for Jackup BargeMembers only
2021-12-094/E on Bulk carrierMembers only
2021-12-093/O on Bulk CarrierMembers only
2021-12-09URGENT Chef Mate for General Cargo, 2 months contract, 4000 EUR NetMembers only
2021-12-09Master on Container ShipMembers only
2021-12-09Chief Officer on Container ShipMembers only
2021-12-09MotormanMembers only
2021-12-09DrillerMembers only
2021-12-09DerrickhandMembers only
2021-12-09FloorhandMembers only