Job offers:
2023-06-01Second Engineer to join General Cargo (2500 kw). 6000 EUR NETOnly for members
2023-06-01Second Officer to join General Cargo (GT 7196). 4500 EUR NETOnly for members
2023-06-01Chief Electrician for drillshipOnly for members
2023-06-01Derickman for drillshipOnly for members
2023-06-01Chief Engineer to work on General Cargo (3000 kw). 7500 EUR NETOnly for members
2023-06-01ETO for OffshoreOnly for members
2023-06-012nd Engineer for OffshoreOnly for members
2023-06-01CO for ContainerOnly for members
2023-06-012E for ContainerOnly for members
2023-06-01Positions for DrillshipOnly for members
2023-06-01Positions for Drilling Project (Italy)Only for members
2023-06-01Positions for Jack up rigOnly for members
2023-06-01Positions for JACK UP RIG (UAE)Only for members
2023-06-01DP Chief engineerOnly for members
2023-06-01Chief Officer OffshoreOnly for members
2023-06-01AB / Crane Operator on Utility Vessel (Saudi Arabia)Only for members
2023-06-01AB on Tug Boat Vessel (EU)Only for members
2023-06-01Position for AHTS DP2 Vessel (KSA)Only for members
2023-06-01Full Crew for Offshore VesselOnly for members
2023-06-01Crew for Tug BoatOnly for members
2023-06-01Crane Operator for drillshipOnly for members
2023-06-01Able Seaman for drillshipOnly for members
2023-06-01Full Set Crew for Suezmax & Aframax Size Tanker VesselsOnly for members