Job offers:
2024-05-21Chief Mate on General cargo vesselOnly for members
2024-05-21ETO to Join Container Ship (GT 28433) 5276$ NETOnly for members
2024-05-21Chief Engineer for NON DP AHTS VesselOnly for members
2024-05-21Positions for Drilling Rig(Dubai)Only for members
2024-05-21Hiring Crew to join a Offshore Drilling Project (North Sea)Only for members
2024-05-21Motorman for Jack Up/Decommissioning Rig (Netherlands/EU)Only for members
2024-05-21Mechanic for Jack Up/Decommissioning Rig (Netherlands/EU)Only for members
2024-05-21Able Seaman for Research Vessel (Philippines)Only for members
2024-05-21Master for PSV Non DP Vessel (Saudi Arabia)Only for members
2024-05-21AB for CTV (North Sea/UK)Only for members
2024-05-21Deck and Lifting Crew for Offshore FleetOnly for members
2024-05-21Crew for CTV, Tug and Multicat Vessel (UK)Only for members
2024-05-21Officers & Ratings Crew for LPG / LNG Tanker Vessels (Philippines)Only for members
2024-05-21Crew for Tanker VesselOnly for members
2024-05-21Chief Engineer for Tanker VesselsOnly for members
2024-05-21Chief Officers for General Cargo Vessel (Worldwide)Only for members
2024-05-202nd Engineer to Join Bulk Carrier (GT 25546) 8100$ NETOnly for members
2024-05-20ETO for DP2 AHTS / PSV VesselOnly for members
2024-05-20Personnel to join Drilling Project (South Korea / Taiwan)Only for members
2024-05-20Electronic Technician for DP3 Drillship (UK)Only for members
2024-05-20ET for Drillsip (Africa)Only for members
2024-05-20Urgently Hiring for Drilling Rig (Africa)Only for members
2024-05-20Chief Engineer for Tug Boat (Finland)Only for members