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Job offers:
2019-02-19Ch Mate on BulkerMembers only
2019-02-19CO - CREW BOATMembers only
2019-02-18C/O - Well Stimulation VesselMembers only
2019-02-18C/O SDPO to join a PSV/OSVMembers only
2019-02-18C/O SDPO PSV/OSVMembers only
2019-02-18Chief Officer for oil/chem tankerMembers only
2019-02-15Chief Officer / oil chemical tankerMembers only
2019-02-15Chief Officer – only with previous stable experience on feeder containerMembers only
2019-02-15Chief Officer on Multi-Purpose VesselMembers only
2019-02-15CHIEF OFFICER for GENERAL CARGOMembers only
2019-02-15Chief Officer SDPOMembers only
2019-02-15Chief Office on Self-discharging vesselMembers only
2019-02-14Chief Officer on AHTS DP-2Members only
2019-02-14C/O for AHTMembers only
2019-02-14CHIEF OFFICER for LNGMembers only
2019-02-13Chief Officer /DPOMembers only
2019-02-13CH OFF SDPO for AHTS DP2Members only
2019-02-13C/O SDPO TO JOIN A PSV VESSEL (Dutch Flage)Members only
2019-02-13Chief Officer on Bulk CarriersMembers only
2019-02-13Chief Officer for oil/chem tankerMembers only
2019-02-13Ch Off on Crew Boat 150 usd/per dayMembers only
2019-02-13Crew for Utility vesselMembers only