Jobs by Category: - C/O
Rank -> C/O
Job offers:
2019-04-243 x C/O LCT / AHTS / PSVMembers only
2019-04-24C/O Pilot boatMembers only
2019-04-24CO - AHT - 140usdMembers only
2019-04-24Chief Officer - $325 - AHTSMembers only
2019-04-23Urgent requirement crew for self-propelled accommodation jack up barges.Members only
2019-04-23Chief Officer For Tug - 200 usd per dayMembers only
2019-04-23Chief Officer for ADMAMembers only
2019-04-23Chief Officer for Bulk carrier with salary of 8500 USD per monthMembers only
2019-04-23CO for Supply non-DPMembers only
2019-04-22CO for crew boat DP2Members only
2019-04-22Chief Officer for UtilityMembers only
2019-04-22CO/SDPO for AHTS DP2Members only
2019-04-22Chief OfficerMembers only
2019-04-22CO - ASD TUGMembers only
2019-04-19TSHD Chief OfficerMembers only
2019-04-19LPG C/OMembers only
2019-04-19Chief Officer for TugMembers only
2019-04-19CO FOR CHEM TANK X3Members only
2019-04-18CO for General CargoMembers only
2019-04-18C/O for Bulk / Container FleetMembers only
2019-04-18CH/OFF FOR BCMembers only
2019-04-18Chief Officer on Bulk carrierMembers only
2019-04-17Chief Officer for ERRVMembers only